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Spoilers for 'Bridgerton' Season 1. The first season of 'Bridgerton' on Netflix from Shondaland introduced viewers to the Bridgerton family with Daphne Bridgerton's (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Bassett's (Rege-Jean Page) love story. Awesome sensory play for toddlers. After the stunning Miss Daphne Bridgerton of course, played by Phoebe Dynevor. monitoring_string = "b24acb040fb2d2813c89008839b3fd6a"monitoring_string = "886fac40cab09d6eb355eb6d60349d3c", Indoor Gardening Craft For Kids: Wheatgrass Eggs, Meet The First Flushable and Biodegradable Pregnancy Test, Genius Survey Says 1 In 3 Parents Assign The Chores They Hate To Their Kids, 11 Hilarious Ways to Prank Your Kids on April Fools’ Day, 40 Fabulous Unisex Baby Middle Name Ideas, Twin Girl Names That Aren’t Super Matchy. According to Julia Quinn’s website, the Bridgerton family tree shows that Simon and Daphne have five children: Amelia, Belinda, Caroline, David, and Edward [via JuliaQuinn.com ]. Momtastic is a property of Evolve Media Holdings, LLC. The Bridgerton Family Tree. The period drama has inspired a wave of new baby names. … Photo: Netflix, Anthony Origin: Latin Meaning: Priceless one, Jeffrey Origin: German / English Meaning: Pledge of peace, Lord Origin: English Meaning: Loaf keeper, Nigel Origin: Irish Meaning: Dark or black-haired, Quinn Origin: Irish Meaning: Intelligence or chief leader, Reginald Origin: English Meaning: Counsel or power, Simon Origin: Hebrew Meaning: The listener, Thompson Origin: English Meaning: Son of Tom, William Origin: English Meaning: Resolute protection, Unusual, unique and unpronounceable: the most 'out there' baby names of 2020, The names of the 'naughtiest and nicest' kids names revealed for 2020, Mum-to-be slammed for 'stupid' Harry Potter inspired baby names for twins, 'It's a heavy burden': Couple's heartbreaking baby name dilemma, The first trimester: 1 - 12 weeks pregnant, Play to thrive! Have a look at them below! Bridgerton-inspired names that could be popular include Daphne, Eloise, Marina, Siena and Penelope. This vintage name is veeeeeery old and comes … EXPERTS have predicted the baby names which are set to be popular in February and Bridgerton-inspired monikers are high on the list. Claudia. Interestingly, the Bridgerton children are all named alphabetically. It's the TV show everyone's talking about and it could lead to a whole new generation of baby names - Bridgerton. Diana Spalding, CNM Leigh Weinberg Marina. This means that even though the viewers did not get to see Daphne being clearly pregnant, she still got pregnant and welcomed her child with Simon towards the ending of season 1. Alice – means noble (Alice is Will’s wife and she is just that – noble)Bridget – means strength or exalted oneCressida – Greek, meaning goldDaphne – means victory or laurel tree or bay treeEloise – means healthy and warriorFrancesca – means freeGenevieve – means tribe woman or white waveHyacinth – means blue larkspur or precious stone (the name of one of the youngest Bridgerton siblings)Isabel – means pledged to GodKitty – means pureMarina – means from the seaPenelope – means weaverPrudence – means good senseUriana – Greek, means the unknownViolet – means purple, Anthony – means priceless one (the oldest of the Bridgeton children)Archibald – means boldColin – means pupGeorge – means farmer or earthGregory – means alert and watchfulJeffrey – means pledge of peaceLord – English, means loaf keeperNigel – means dark hairedOliver – means olive treeQuinn – means intelligence or chief leaderReginald – means counsel or powerSimon – means the listenerThompson – means son of TomWilliam – means resolute protection. After Miss Marina Thompson played by the gorgeous Ruby Barker. However other names such as Daphne haven’t been popular choices f or some time. As the nation continues with a national lockdown, parents are turning to TV and popular culture for inspiration, and Khai, Kamala and Daphne are on the rise. Penelope. In the end of the first season, Daphne takes on the role of duchess and has a child with Simon. The Bridgerton family tree begins when Victoria Ledger married Edmund Bridgerton. Names of Bridgerton Characters. Daphne Bridgerton is one of the main characters from the show, who is the eldest daughter in her family. « Hyacinth. The store actually had the same name when it stood in Berkeley Square in the 19th ... while Simon holds Daphne's hand throughout her delivery. If Daphne isn’t your cup of tea, what about Eloise or Francesca? These Bridgerton-Inspired Baby Names Are Tipped To Be Big. Bessie. Character Age: 21 Actor’s Current Age: 25. After the darling, Miss Penelope Featherington brought to the small screen by the hilarious Nicola … ... Daphne – a name of Greek origin meaning laurel or bay tree. She plays Daphne Bridgerton in the ... can find out what happened to Daphne and the Duke after they had their baby son. The name was taken from the Greek daphne and means “a … Now it's set to fuel a rise in Regency baby names. These are the best Bridgerton-inspired baby names (and you’re going to love them all) Jadie Troy-Pryde January 18, 2021 12:54 pm Credit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX So that British accent she has in Bridgerton is 100% authentic, even if she did have to make it a little more posh to fit the role. The name Daphne comes from Greek origin and translates to … © 2021 All rights reserved. Baby names from Bridgerton Baby names inspired by Bridgerton—because, of course From Charlotte to Siena and Anthony to Will, these are the hottest names from the hottest show. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media Holdings, LLC, and its owned and operated subsidiaries may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. The pair produced eight children and were parted when Edmund died in 1803. Daphne and Eloise Bridgerton. 1 History 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Romantic 3.1.1 Simon Basset 3.2 Familial 3.3 Friendships 3.4 Professional 4 Notes and Trivia 5 Gallery 6 Appearances 7 References At the start of the 1813 social season, Daphne made her debut in front … This, of course, raises the question of what Simon and Daphne will name their son. Baby name trends frequently reflect pop culture trends, so it will be of no great surprise if Bridgerton-themed names are going to gain in popularity. Daphne, of course, is the eldest daughter and protagonist of the first season of Bridgerton. Netflix ... Stranger Things season 4 and You season 3, to name a few. KEEP SCROLLING FOR 50 BRIDGERTON BABY NAMES THAT ARE ALREADY CLIMBING THE CHARTS. Photo: Netflix, Bridget Origin: Irish Meaning: Strength or exalted one, Daphne Origin: Greek Meaning: Laurel tree or bay tree, Eloise Origin: French / English Meaning: Healthy or wide, Francesca Origin: Italian Meaning: From France or free man, Genevieve Origin: French Meaning: Tribe Woman, Hyacinth Origin: Greek Meaning: Blue larkspur or precious stone, Isabel Origin: Spanish Meaning: Pledged to God, Marina Origin: Latin Meaning: From the sea, Uriana Origin: Greek Meaning: The Unknown, The Netflix series has been extremely popular. So let’s get down to the simply lovely list of Bridgerton characters: Daphne. Lady Whistledown has been wreaking havoc among the elite with Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) becoming obsessed with tracking her down. Because gossip knows no age, the most scandalous of gossip and affairs are published in an anonymous newsletter by a mysterious 'Lady Whistledown,' voiced by none other than Dame Julie Andrews. If you’re looking for even more classic English baby names, click here. While the two pretended to court for their own gains, they ended up falling in love. It’s a pretty safe bet that Daphne, Simon, Colin, Penelope, and Eloise will shoot up the baby name charts next year. To see this family tree bigger, click the image above, or follow this link. Daphne, Eloise and Francesca are the three daughters in the family. Some of these names have been dwindling into obscurity (Daphne, the main character in Bridgerton, didn’t even make the top 100 girls’ names last year), but now they are on the verge of revival with parents naming their children after the characters in the series. Their firstborn is Anthony, followed by Benedict and Colin. Daphne Bridgerton is the fourth child and eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family. Girl Names. The series follows a young woman named Daphne, the eldest daughter of the elite Bridgerton family, as she makes her debut in London's competitive marriage market - also known as 'the social season.' See for yourself — its bounty of eight perfectly handsome sons and beautiful daughters include Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Some of the characters names form Bridgerton such as Rose, Oliver, Henry and Charlotte are already featuring in popular baby name charts. Simon also never asks about the baby's gender, while his father demands to know … Female baby names that are inspired from the characters include Daphne, Eloise, Marina, Siena and Penelope. Bridgerton season 1 also features Ruby Stokes as Francesca Bridgerton, Will Tilston as Gregory Bridgerton, and Florence Hunt as Hyacinth Bridgerton. DAPHNE BRIDGERTON. Eloise. Daphne While Daphne didn’t make it into the top 100 most popular girls’ names in 2020, it could see a resurgence this year thanks to the Netflix smash hit, Bridgerton… In the first episode, Daphne and her sisters are presented to the queen, where she is declared a promising lady suitable for a favorable marriage. Benedict ». It's also not a cultural phenomenon like Game of Thrones and Daphne is a real, commonly-known name. At the Bridgerton ending, Simon and Daphne welcome their first child. At the start of the Bridgerton series, in 1813: Click on any book cover above for a closer look. Before Bridgerton, Daphne was probably best known as the name of the redhead from Scooby Doo, but now she’ll forever be the lead in our favorite series. Daphne. Male names include Anthony, Colin, Simon and Benedict. The series follows a young woman named Daphne, the eldest daughter of the elite Bridgerton family, as she makes her debut in London's competitive marriage market - also known as 'the social season.'. Move over, Sophia and Olivia – Bridgerton-inspired baby names are bound to be on the rise. Daphne Bridgerton and Eloise Bridgerton wearing their house's signature hue. Or skip ahead to the final family tree, and see the Bridgertons twenty-eight years later. Keeping up with the trend, we have rounded up the best Bridgerton-inspired baby names. I don't think even today people would automatically think 'parents must be Bridgerton fans' in the same way you would if a baby was called Arya or 'parents must be Philip Pullman fans' with a baby Lyra. These unique baby name ideas are sure to tick off the boxes when searching for Mini monikers, especially if you find yourself fancying the likes of old English names, fit for Mini royalty! Credit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX Move over, Sophia and Olivia – Bridgerton-inspired baby names are bound to be on the rise. And in the end, there’s a baby and we love them, as Daphne reassured Eloise in episode two. Bridgerton is an American streaming television period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes.It is based on Julia Quinn's novels set in the competitive world of Regency era London's ton during the season, when debutantes are presented at court.Bridgerton is Shonda Rhimes's first scripted Netflix series.. Bridgerton … 23 Bridgerton inspired baby names to choose from Aidan Milan Saturday 16 Jan 2021 7:32 am Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger The acclaimed period drama is already sparking a Regencycore fashion trend and baby names will likely follow! Set in the Regency era there are some gorgeous costumes and some equally as stunning baby name, with experts at Bella Baby predicting a rise in Regency era names. Here are 22 baby names inspired by Bridgerton: Daphne. Bridgerton has already been renewed for a second season, so this moniker trend could well be built to last. It's the TV show everyone's talking about and it could lead to a whole new generation of baby names - Bridgerton.

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