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You better go buy a bummed up gun and have it handy to give to them and if you think this is bad, just wait. However, you better store food and water because history shows the next step that a totalitarian regime would take would be to starve the people into submission. of the First French Republic. Do not forget the four boxes of freedom: Ballot box, jury box, soap box, cartridge box. If Obama is successful in taking down the alternative media, then it will become necessary to enact a type of Committees of Correspondence  apparatus similar to what our Founding Fathers did in the pre-Revolutionary War period in our history. As the French Revolution demonstrated, the level of violence Only if the people see that their rights are not granted by men but are self-preserved through self defense will we remain a free people. Military have the sociopaths, DHS has their sociopaths, Law Enforcement has the sociopaths…but we are talking about murdering Americans in mass…most will not go along with that. Many believe that the revolution has already begun and I would agree with them. Are we talking Nephilim, here? Although I may have been born at night, I was not born last night. We need a medical emergency declared and all khazar bankers rounded up and put in mental health facilities until they are cured, or dead from old age. We here at From The Trenches World Report would love to have you on Henry Shively’s daily broadcast regularly (say, once a week) (haha) to explain the Militia the way that you do. Phase One of the French Revolution Timeline created by phaseone. 1789 Eröffnung der Generalstände in … 1948. Required fields are marked *. And do not mistake the true depths of horror contained in that word. Others, like the Russian and Chinese revolutions, also seek radical social and economic change. Exactly. Stage One of the Revolution. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. There is no BS lie they can tell and no promise they can make that will most Americans kill other Americans. They get 100X the value from time that you do. Weiterhin ergänzt sie: „Gründer haben jetzt die beste Möglichkeit: In Phasen einer industriellen Revolution ist Gründung immer am effektivsten. Remember that there are two versions of that, one is a fake. An attempt to flee doesn't help his reputation, and as the countries outside France mishandle events a second revolution occurs, as Jacobins and sansculottes force the creation of a French Republic. Their father was of the devil. Only the threat of death can. In 1938 Crane Brinton published a book titled The Anatomy of Revolution. I have probably read it before because I read everything that I can get my hands on. That is not the case with the psychopaths doing all this. Tennis Court Oath May 1789: first meeting of the Estates-General was held (291 from First Estate, 279 from Second Estate, and 578 from Third Estate) The structure of voting caused an argument. Linguee. If so, than Jesus nailed it. Start an email distribution list. Post short notices about the tyrannical government at your community mailboxes. People of jewish “faith” are often of Khazar (hasidic)or semetic decent. That receipt got lost during the move too…. A sudden, vast change in a situation, a discipline, or the way of thinking and behaving. With myself being a nonviolent person, I prefer this path of resistance. They were a little crumpled up, stained up, and had this odoriferous aroma by the time I was finished with them. As a historian of the French Revolution, I can’t help but pay attention to guillotines (adopted in the 1790s as an alternative to the cruel and unusual punishment of death by hanging). Part one of this series detailed how the economy is collapsing due the failure of the Petrodollar. Giving them time makes them stronger, them more entrenched, them better armed, them more ideologically prepared. Hide some of your guns. Politische Revolutionen zielen i. d. R. auf die Beseitigung der bisherigen politischen Führer und die Schaffung grundsätzlich neuer Institutionen, verbunden mit einem Führungs- und Machtwechsel. Build backup plans for your contingency plans. These objectives must be accomplished in Stage one. EN. Most people here are wide awake and have a few brain cells connecting. Merkur 2: 321 – 333. Carry three days of needed resources in your cars because you cannot predict when you will experience trouble getting home. Revolutions do share common features, however. Everyday here at From the Trenches is an ongoing, “war of ideas and a campaign for the truth”. Second Phase of the Revolution or "Second Step of the Revolution" is a statement that was issued by the supreme leader of Iran, Sayyid Ali Khamenei to the country, particularly to the youth, and was published in February 2019, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the victory of the Iranian Revolution. If our resistance is forceful enough, we may force the globalist cowards to retreat and regroup. The term is used by analogy in such expressions as the Industrial Revolution, where it refers to a radical and profound change in economic Jun 20, 1789. I think the first false flag event will transpire with the collapse of the Petrodollar and this will constitute the countdown to an all-out civil war. You got that right….. NO CIVIL WAR, ONLY REVOLUTION IF THEY VIOLATE THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND TRY TO COME FOR OUR GUNS. Maybe you could redo that last sentence to read more accurately……. To take it back to what the Founding Fathers original intent was, but this time we will add a few new amendment to keep this from ever having this happen again. Therefore, it is the duty of every awake American to educate their neighbors, family and friends, whether they want to hear the truth or not. Everyone wants to get you on their show, but no one knows how to get a hold of you. Trust me, nobody reading these words wants live through the times that the globalists have planned for us and if you listen to people who advocate for a civil war, you need your head examined. We can use the time to solidify our positions and will be in a new position to make demands of the government. One is that they are fast-moving. But I’m certain that the Pharisees had the demon seed DNA that Steve Quayle talked about on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Your email address will not be published. Revolution bezeichnet eine schnelle, radikale und gewaltsame Veränderung der gegebenen politischen, sozialen, ökonomischen Bedingungen. The reason I even commented on your “original” comment was because you (apparently mistakenly) said and I quote…. One example, they continue to ship America’s economic base to China. I believe we can forestall the globalists’ plans to such a degree that they will fall apart. Directed by Harun Farocki, Andrei Ujica. No “laws” or written words can constrain those that intend to do evil. Saul is 100% correct…I have posted the same on other websites…, Why do you scream “civil war” then tell us the 3 stages of a revolution?? lol..thanks dog So, I sent them to the BATFags home office figuring they wouldn’t notice the smell of it in their offices because they are all pieces of s**t already, anyway. Estates General (3 Orders: Clergy, 300 reps.; Nobility, 300 reps.; "Third Estate," 600 reps.) May 5, 1789: After bad harvests and costly wars, King Louis XVI is forced to convene this ancient assembly in order to raise taxes. Stage two of a revolution consists of civil disobedience or nonviolent resistance. Your point is well taken Scott…we are kinda between a rock and a hard place…You know what I mean. ), needs their heads examined. Smilar dog, can you speak more about the protocols and which set is the false one and which is the real one. These stages are explained in the following slides. Their hesitation works to our advantage. Didnt teach us to swim, to let us drown, didnt lift us up, to let us down, didnt build a home in us to move away, didnt lift us up, to let us down. . I prefer to call it a Restoration War. It is irrelevant as to whether our current circumstances are caused by Jews, Khazars calling themselves Jews, or Asians controlling us through debt. second phase of revolution 1. the revolution: second phase the struggle continues the hongkong junta the relief of primo de rivera aguinaldo returns the spanishamericanwar the struggle continues the battle of manila bay the siege of manila aguinaldo goes to singapore the secret agreement the interviewwith pratt the mock battle of manila aguinaldo and wildman americanterms the struggle … 4 Phasen der Französischen Revolution 1. With Ion Caramitru, Elena Ceausescu, Nicolae Ceausescu, Mircea Dinescu. When, not if, but when Obama comes for our guns, all of us have a constitutional duty to disobey these unlawful policies. He believed that most revolutions fit into 7 stages. republicanism (universal male franchise) and of Terror. around a center or axis; rotation. It always amazes me how people can invoke the Second Amendment and not mention its first thirteen words, or what they teach. Industrialisierung Eine Revolution ? 1792 1799 1770 - 5./6.10.1790: Gefangennahme des Königs durch das Volk - 20.-25.6.1791: Fluchtversuch des Königs - 3.9.1791: Verfassung tritt in Kraft -> konst. So, I was correcting you. They said they were going to shoot anyone who says they don’t have them anymore. Conference Line: 220029#, Patriot Broadcast From the Trenches Archives, The United States is Still a British Colony, Or you can mail donations to Henry Shivley at P.O. Regardless of words, threats and laws, we must be willing to kill to preserve our freedom above all else. Call in line: (712) 770-5597 Your email address will not be published. Many are willing to “die” for their beliefs, but few are willing to “kill” for their beliefs. The Iranian Revolution grabbed international attention with university students being heavily involved. I have been at this all my life. I have seen a shotgun and a 22 for sale on craigslist, both were sold..So, how will then know who has a firearm? Buy gold and silver and get of the corrupt Petrodollar as much as possible. If this form of civil disobedience does not stem the tide of tyranny sweeping the country, then withhold your money from the globalist apparatus. But maybe, at the same time, some are finally beginning this is not a battle between flesh and blood, but thru spirit. I believe that Obama’s people will very soon begin to commence false flag attacks in order to hasten the implementation of martial law and force the real leadership of the opposition out in the open where they can be crushed in a brief civil war. ITS NOT LIVING, ITS EXISTING. Another interpretation of the Revolution divides the period of 1789-1799 into these stages or phases: A liberal, constitutional phase of 1789-1792; A radical, republican phase that led to authoritarian terror of the Committee of Public Safety August 10 1792 to 9 Thermidor 1794 ‘What causes revolutions?’ shows that revolutions are complex processes that emerge from the social order becoming frayed in many areas at once. Jews did not exist util circa 800 AD. peace through an authoritarian regime. The same will happen with any “underground” revolutionary movement. situation, as one group claiming sovereignty seeks to vanquish one or This is what I am trying to accomplish on my website and on my talk show. Mar 21, 1804. Turn off your television which only serves to condition people to accept defeat and to embrace the plans of the New World Order. There is indeed strength in numbers and if we are unable to wake up our fellow countrymen, we will negate the only true tactical advantage we have, solidarity from a numerically superior force. When martial law is imposed, have a pre-designated meeting place for you and your family because cell phone communications may be down. And by the way, buy guns and ammunition. I don’t know about you, but I would not like to be defined as an Obama or a Neocon supporter, just because I live in the United States. They can stick their NWO, you know where. And that spirit has got us this far, and I dont think spirit got us this far to leave us. If Americans have done their due diligence in stage one, the majority of the military and the police will defend the people. Google Scholar. and if you have been on this site very long you would know that we have posted many articles on research done on this subject, and also, on the Jewish/Khazar Genome Studies that proves thru DNA that they are not jews. Rephaim, the offspring of the Nephilim, if anything. The Iranian Revolution (also known as the Islamic Revolution) was a period where Iranians conducted numerous demonstrations against the US-backed Pahlavi dynasty and ended with the overthrow of the leader, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and imposing an Islamic state led by Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Translator. Stage three is direct physical confrontation with the powers that be which involves a large number of citizens. Seit 1788 Frankreich ist in einer großen Finanzkrise 05.05. Many translated example sentences containing "Phasen der Geschichte" – English-German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Die Gesellschaft ist in 3 Stände gegliedert. It should now make sense to you as to why 98% of the media is controlled by globalist controlled business interests, who in turn are controlled one way or another, by the members of the Federal Reserve. It refers to the movement of a planet around the Sun.All of the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun. Revolution is the change of political power from one to another. This is why the globalists have to resort to collapsing the dollar and initiating false flag attacks as a means to force this issue into the third stage. If that is really you, it is good to have you visit this site. Perhaps “a war of ideas and a campaign for the truth” should start right there. The first stage of a revolution, is a war of ideas and a campaign for the truth. Do not shop in the corporate chain stores controlled by Federal Reserve members such as Walmart or any other well known globalist entity.

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